Frequently Asked Questions - Teacher

How do I make money?

To earn money, you have to sign-up with us and then engage students through Professional or Closed courses.
For FAQs on Professional Courses Click here
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How much can I make?

You are as good as your course(s). Self Paced courses should be priced low but have very good scalability if it becomes popular course on mElimu Platform. Instructor led courses although can accommodate only a limited set of students but you can price them higher. mElimu platform will cut its commission and remit you the balance amount end of every month.

Could I make money by referring other educators?

Any one may refer an educator to sign on. You will receive {amount10000} (USD 100.00) per successful referral. You will earn referral bonus once your referral has engaged at least 50 paying students. Always encourage and help your fellow teacher in joining the mElimu Education Service Provider Platform. Remember to use your referral code to sign up other educators. Your referral code is your email address. You will not earn the referral bonus unless your referred educator engages at least 50 paying users.

Note: You will not be able to withdraw the referral bonus, if you have not started a course or there are no students who have enrolled in your own courses. You need atleast 10 students to pay for mElimu Application to qualify for referral.

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